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Scott Rogers
Wingate Motion

365 E 200 N
Moab, UT 84532
Contact Information:
(720) 402-6930 Phone 1

Wingate Motion Website
CAMERA - Operator
DRONE - UAS - Pilot
STUNTS - Coordinator
STUNTS - Stunt Person

No Affiliations
License: yes part 107

Special Skills & Experience:
Rope Rigging for High Angle camera rigging, camera operator for most platforms and systems including RED, Sony, Arri, Specializing in Slackline, Climbing, BASE jumping and location scouting and production assistance for all local stunt work. Worked on over 30 productions in the last 5 years specializing in rope and parachute stunts. Also licensed Drone Operator with DJI Inspire Pro Locally.

CAMERA - Operator
2017: Beyond the Clouds by Eric Valli
2017: Edge Film (To Be Released)
2017: Sky Tribe (Director)
2016: Mountains Film (To Be Released)
2015: Sony A6000 TV Commercial, Intl Distribution
2013: Riding Zone, Andy Lewis & Taig Kris

DRONE - UAS - Pilot
2015: Sufferfest 2

STUNTS - Coordinator
2017: Global Gladiators TV show, multiple episodes, German Distribution
2016: Djarum Cigarettes Commercial, Indonesian Distribution
2014: GoPro 3+ Release Video, Towers & Magic Backpacks

STUNTS - Stunt Person
2015: LG G4 Commercial, Highliner
2014: Ford - BASE jumping, Devin Supertramp
2014: Ford - Highlining, Devin Supertramp
2014: Slackline TV Show, Main Talent, 13 Episodes, Brazil Distribution
2013: World's Largest Canyon Rope Swing, Devin Supertramp, head stunt rigger